In response to the current environment reported by the media in regards to COVID-19, we would like to address any concerns you may have regarding visits to our office. We would like to ensure you that the health and wellness of our patients, staff, friends and family is our highest priority. When any alarming incident like the 2019 novel COVID-19 occurs we want to assure each and every one that we are closely monitoring the guidelines and recommendations made by the Centers for Disease Control CDC.

We would especially like to reassure our community that as healthcare providers, the level of standards that we have to adhere to on a daily basis in regards to infection control and disease prevention are significantly higher than in any other industry. Because of the stringent protocols and guidelines that are required for our industry in general, your health and wellbeing could not be more secure than when you are in our office.

We would also like to remind everyone and continue to encourage the importance of monitoring and maintaining your oral hygiene healthy. Gingivitis and Periodontitis are both systemic diseases, meaning it is a disease that affects other parts of the body including the heart, lungs and other internal organs, and/or even the whole body. In order for anyone to combat an illness of any kind, the body has to be in good health. Your overall health and wellbeing begins in the mouth.

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